Peter Obi – Obasanjo’s Hope?

Peter Obi – Obasanjo’s Hope? Or Nigeria’s hope?

One should ask what does the support of former generals, ethnocultural groups, and other political heavyweights in the land mean for Peter Obi’s campaign? Peter Obi has earned phenomenal popularity through fostering Nigeria’s first popular democratic movement since the 1950s. That was for Nigeria’s Independence from colonial rule. This time it is for Nigeria’s independence from auto-colonial misrule. The pro-democracy movement of the 1990s was an army arrangement. Obi appears to have defied the Religious-Ethnic-Money complex (REM) that has left Nigeria, according Prof Eghosa Osaghae, a withered giant impotent in fulfilling its obvious capabilities as a nation. Elections should be about “Hope” since politicians who give the best chances of hope to voters become the People’s choice. (more…)

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Witches in Surgery Ward

Witches in Surgery Ward is a short story of a man who is ambushed in a surgery ward by witches after a successful heart surgery procedure.

The three-mile journey from my place within central London to the hospital was mostly along deserted roads. In many decades, it was the most minimal daytime traffic I had ever seen in the town. Under normal conditions of peak travel, the roads were packed or jammed at this time of the day.  The day was wet and chilly, but bright. It was Spring. A neighbour, Moreno, was kind enough to take me to St Thomas’ hospital for a surgical procedure that morning. (more…)

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Economic Sectors – Not Complementary

Economic Sectors – Not Complementary

No agreement today, no agreement tomorrow – Fela Kuti

Capable societies are those that have enforceable institutions of public value, while incapable societies lack them at national and local levels. Such nations are mainly in the Global North. It is easy to identify nations in the Global South as incapable of such enforcement. Public value can be economic or social. Accordingly, incapable societies cannot create public value by themselves. They can only extract it and thus live on dependency. If they have mineral riches, they become rentier states. Otherwise, they stand as highly indebted nations ever seeking technical help. Surviving on begging bowl economics. (more…)

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Arsenal Victory Affliction

Arsenal Victory Affliction

The dividends of both mass and social media are controversial, especially when we consider them negative. Yes, we have societal problems arising from media. Yet, these are social and psychological problems. The big surprise is media can now give human beings biological problems and serious ones at that. Arsenalosis or Arsenal Victory Affliction (AVA)  is a recent phenomenon afflicting soccer fans and its only known cause is via media. What is Arsenalosis? (more…)

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ASUU Demands Are So Simple

ASUU Demands Are So Simple

How can a sapiocidal (killers of the most intelligent) government have credibility? The industrial action of the ASUU of 2022 is an unlikely revelation of how much incapacity and insensitivity the Government of Nigeria (GON) hides behind. A government refuses to pay the salaries and benefits of academic staff and other civil servants. And cannot invest in universities and other institutions across the civil service. What happens? The GON cannot win. (more…)

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