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  1. Wow! What can I say? The going is really going to get tough just as everyone was beginning to believe that the internet will bring freedom all. Some thing enabling will come up and restore our entitlement to freedom if financial choking wins the information game. Fingers crossed.

  2. Hi, yes this is a very interesting post, financial asphyxiation it is, and not just for information, the education system immediately springs to mind too; same thing, financial asphyxiation. Trouble for the perpetrators of this though is that many can see through it and don’t like it to say the least. Ruining socially necessary institutions and using the monetary system to do so is an act of betrayal and a disservice to humanity.

  3. Has wikileaks gone to sleep already or is this a New Year of seals? I read today that bankers Goldman Sachs have invested in Facebook shares to the tune of $450 million with $1.5 billion to come. Outstanding business, benumbing fears of another bubble created, massive bailouts on standby and vast opportunities for financial asphyxiation. Welcome to 2011!

  4. I think facebook and twitter have done a much better job than wikileaks. Look at the revolutions in the Middle East for example. It the focus on the oppressed not the oppressor that brings about change. Wikileaks was a diversion that failed woefully.

  5. @Ken: Your point is well taken. I do believe that wikileaks for whatever it is worth did create a global leap of awareness (regardless of the intention behind it) about bad governance that has fed the movements Middle East and other protests in the world. I would say wikileaks was more a trigger and Facebook / Twitter more the medium.