Restructuring (non-technically): Derivation or Ownership?

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  1. Are African people still loyal and acting moral towards the “primordial” indigenous traditional political and social settings?

    What’s good and beneficial about the defunct regional system or the 12 states federal structure that can’t be implemented or improved upon in the current 36 states dispensation?

    What’s virtuous and lustre about the characters and behaviours of the Nigerian people (north or south) which the political structure has so smothered and has not allowed to shine through?

    Has the federal structure so overpowered and disabled the states and local government operators that they lack the capability to effectively use their revenue allocations (meagre as they maybe) to create and manage social and infrastructural change for their people?

    Why are we so obsessed with revenue allocations, resource control and ownership while ignoring the roots and braches of the problem – our character, behaviour. The average politician, civil servant, the military, traditional chief, civil society, ordinary people including the youth) are generally impulsive, impetuous, imperious, and acts in impromptu manner without giving any rat’s arse about if their action or inaction imperil their communities, organisations, states and country as long as they are benefiting.

    There’s nothing wrong with any system which cannot be fixed with concerted and genuine efforts. Even the countries we envy and escape to as unwanted refugees have issues with their political and social structures and systems. It will ever be work in progress.

    Nigerians are simply wired wrong and we ignore this fact to our continuing peril.