Being A White Businessman in Nigeria: Part 2

Being A White Businessman in Nigeria: Part 2

An further view of White privilege among the power elite and bureaucrats in Nigeria.  National Pride appears to vanish when technical business is required by public servants  who delight in their private proximities and intimacies with Whites.  (more…)

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Being A White Businessman In Nigeria

Being A White Businessman In Nigeria

An introductory view of White privilege as it happens in the corridors of power in Abuja, Nigeria and elsewhere in the country with regards to doing business. This is rendered in comparison to Black denial hurled at Nigerians in the same places. (more…)

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Where is Nigeria’s Thriving Middle-Class in 2021? The Youth Want to Know
Courtesy Adedire Abiodun

Where is Nigeria’s Great Middle-Class in 2021?

Where is Nigeria’s Thriving Middle-Class in 2021? The Youth Want to Know.

A truism of economies is they thrive when they have a large stable middle-class. In the mid-2010s, one of the most aggressive facts promoted about the Nigerian economy was that it had created a large and thriving middle-class. Many observers were skeptical but were called naysayers.

Today, we are all concerned about the future of our economies, which has become incalculable because of the uncertain impacts of COVID-19; rising inequality, growing poverty, upward concentration of wealth, and climate change. Nigeria is facing such concerns and has a serious youth immiseration and deprivation problem. The culture of youth neglect has never been so insensitive. And yes, the middle class and the less well-off are the hardest hit. Upward mobility for the youth has become a phantom. (more…)

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The New Economy After Covid

The New Economy After Covid: If you are in the lower and middle income brackets.

As we approach the uncertain aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many developed and developing societies remain shaken, disrupted and precarious. Jobs and austerity are the main tacit or stated socioeconomic fear of most people. The political economy of despair we are witnessing never enters the perception or the historical heritage of a nation, place, or people with positive reception.

We accept COVID-19 as a global pandemic is a tragedy. Most will survive it, but the death toll remains staggering, and the caused disruption colossal in many countries. Our daily transactions, interactions and relations between society and the economy rely on may cease for an indefinite period, but for how long? (more…)

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Illiterates Did Not Win Buhari Elections

Illiterates Did Not Win Buhari Elections

Why should ignorance and illiteracy always take the blame for the failings of the weak democracy in Nigeria? It takes some extremism or disturbing denial to ignore or even use derisory evidence and poor logics to affirm President Muhammadu Buhari’s government since 2015 is competent or successful. Obstinacy and benefit-seeking are culprits.

Under Buhari’s watch, Nigeria takes a steep dive in the economic, political and social arenas of the country. The economy is in tatters with no recovery in sight. Security and safety are hopeless enough to be the responsibility of God. The tribal rivalries are making the country more unstable than before the civil war. And the future of Nigeria uncertain than ever. Buhari’s ascendancy to power was not the outcome of an illiterate population. It took the scheming of the best educated and most enlightened Nigerians to achieve that feat. (more…)

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Yankius: Arsenal F.C. & Fainting Thief

Yankius on Arsenal F.C. and the Fainting Thief

Riverine Remedy: Yankius, you self, you cannot even ask after me if I don’t call you. Na so your friendship be?

Yankius: O mi Riverine Remedy, have you not heard of 5G and its cover-up story? If not for that, to call you from time to is not hard now.

Riverine Remedy: (Laughing loud and cynically) So, you still believe in that 5G – COVID-19 junk? You are more than that and you know it.

Yankius: If you do not agree with my beliefs it does not give you the privilege to insult me.

Riverine Remedy: Yankius, have you heard the Acting Managing Director of NIger Delta Development Commission fainted while being interrogated for grand corruption by Representatives in the National Assembly? Nigeria’s Big Thieves are growing in numbers geometrically. (more…)

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