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Yankius on Buhari’s Betrayal of Southern Nigerians

Yankius: Shukus, what’s gwan? Why you squeeze face like corner of anus when diarrhoea don distress small?

Shukuli: You rap shit always so no surprise in your welcome, ode. Just see how Buhari betray Southern Nigerians internationally. Can you image? Buhari serious tell the World Bank make them develop Northern Nigeria leave South behind. Meanwhile, Southerners dey support Buhari like dense slaves. Southerners are born fools, you know.

Yankius: South-East and South-South no support Buhari at any. Reserve your fool diatribe for the South-West, na them deserve am.

Shukuli: You are a shameless tribalist! How dare you…

Yankius: Okay sorry, I did not mean that way.

Shukuli: How did you mean it then?

Yankius: Leave matter.

Shukuli: You must tell me today or it may result…

Yankius: That ignorant filthy thief who approves billions of dollars of public funds for his family from his sick bed in London, who used the stolen proceeds provided by thieving governors to become president of Nigeria, who cannot prosecute corrupt public officials in Nigeria because his hands are not clean, who is Prince of Thieves, who stole £2.8 billion in 1978, PTF billions in the 1990s, now $26 billion, who goes around with his begging bowl begging for loans overseas that Nigeria cannot payback ever, who has let inflation and hardship torture all but a few Nigerians, who wants good things for Northern Nigeria and bad things for Southern Nigeria, who is fixated on genocide and suffering for the Igbos, who calls himself Flesident, you cannot ask him any questions that hold him accountable for his heinous corruption and blatant evil but you want to crucify me for slip of tongue about the South-West? Eh tell me!

Shukuli: Leave matter.

Yankius: Ehen, good that you came, you still get the connection to get to Europe by road? Two of my cousins am badly.

Shukuli: The only travel contact I have right now is the North Korea visa. N120k confirmed.

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