To Cook a Continent: A Review and a Comment

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  1. Phew! That was a very good review of Nnimmo Bassey’s book. The added comment give the review more vigour. “Africa Up For Grabs” is our every day reality in Africa. I can not understand how we can sleepwalk through this reality destructive exploitation everyday and never waking up to it. It is worth me contemplating Nnimmo Bassey’s solutions to the destructive exploitation that has ravaged Africa for centuries non-stop properly before I comment any further. Cheers.

  2. I found your review useful. I read what I could of the book using Scribd which was limited. My conclusion like always was that the destiny of Africa is to be irresponsibly exploited by any predator nation. I do not think a man made solution can change that unless one day Africans will acquire the best instruments of war and the best techniques of violence. Exploitation is nothing more than using violence or the threat of violence to get what you want.